Cantina Puggioni

Cantina Puggioni

The company
The company, producer of Cannonau wine, was born in 2002 from the great passion for the land and for the wine of its founder Giampietro Puggioni.
With the experience of three generations in the wine sector behind him, having gained the indispensable knowledge of the land and of the modern techniques necessary for winemaking, Giampietro realizes the dream he has cultivated since he was a child and creates his own winery.
Promoter of a quality-oriented policy, he oversees all stages of winemaking and, thanks to the perfect fusion of the most ancient processing techniques with the most modern skills, he creates top quality wines.
The company is now synonymous with an established quality brand in the national and European field.

La Cantina
In 2003 Giampietro buys the former social cellar of the town thus giving an important turning point to his wine business.
The Cellar, clearly visible to the eye, even less attentive, of the visitor who arrives in the village, preserves the original structure of the wine tower consisting of reinforced concrete tanks and equipped with the most modern equipment in stainless steel and wood.
Its proximity to the town's vineyards allows immediate vinification of the freshly picked grapes. The winery has obtained important awards from the most authoritative wine guides, such as Espresso and Gambero Rosso, worthy of mention is the prestigious Gran Vinitaly won at Vinitaly in Verona.

The vineyards
The vineyards, planted with sapling according to organic farming methods and planted in soils deriving from granite decay, are located in the most suitable areas of the country, at an average altitude of about 700 meters above sea level, with a maximum yield of 60 ql. per hectare. The high temperature range and the good acidity of the soil give the wine a particularly identifying bouquet with a hint of morello cherry.

Where we are
Mamoiada is a town of 2600 inhabitants north of Gennargentu, in the most intact heart of Sardinia.
Its territories are rich in vineyards and pastures, extend for 4903 hectares at an average altitude of 700 m asl and border the territories of Fonni, Gavoi, Sarule, Orani, Nuoro and Orgosolo.

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