Cantina Marongiu

Cantina Marongiu

The art of cultivating vines that is handed down from year to year with the same passion as always.

Sardinian wine producers. Experience, dedication and knowledge of the land are among the fundamental characteristics that distinguish the art of growing vines.

Vinification is the transformation of grapes into wine and includes a series of operations: draining, pressing and actual vinification.
A process, that of wine production, which requires constant effort and success depends on many factors, such as soil quality and harvesting techniques.
The wines of the Cantina Marongiu they come from a wine tradition that has deep roots in the territory.

The base and reference of Marongiu wines is the vineyard.

Attention to the viticultural part is already imposed with the choice of the vineyards and continues with their care and cultivation, carried out in absolute respect for the environment.
With the same regard, the harvest is carried out. Very important phase of the production process, during which the selection of the grapes takes place through manual harvesting, which allows you to take only whole and ripe grapes at the right point. The grapes, both white and red, are brought to the cellar exclusively in crates (18-20 kg) to ensure maximum integrity of the fruit.

The excellent conditions of integrity are given by the fact that the vines are a short distance from the cellar.

The respect of the product is maximum also during the destemming and presatura of the grapes, both performed with soft processing systems. The wine produced is checked in all its phases, trying to intervene as little as possible with mechanical, physical and chemical means, in order to respect its naturalness as much as possible. A process which, by joining the other peculiarities of Marongiu wines, contributes to increasing its longevity, maintaining and improving its organoleptic characteristics over time

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