Pastificio Brundu

Pastificio Brundu

Andrea Brundu from the distant 1923 began the milling of durum wheat for the families of Nule.

Thanks to its millstones, electricity was introduced for the first time in the small village between the mountains of northern Sardinia: it was the first sign of the great innovative spirit that still distinguishes the Brundu family.

His son Sebastiano, thanks to his experience as a mechanical engineer and airborne gunner, convinced his family to invest in the brand new mills with millstones that offered high quality technological performances.

Since then, Brundu's leadership has been consolidated, with the construction of five technological systems.

The long experience gained over the years in the production of semolina has pushed the third generation of the Brundu family to complete the durum wheat supply chain entering the world of pasta with an exclusive product of high quality, worked with the best durum wheat semolina, with the slow drying bronze drawing.

The fourth generation undertook the exhilarating mission of bringing the Brundu brand to the world and for this reason a joint venture was set up in Hong Kong with Chinese partners.

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