Bresca Dorada

Bresca Dorada

"We are bees and honey, myrtle and citrus, mastic and rosemary, we are mistral wind and hot sirocco, we are captivating summer beauty and solitary autumn romance, we are Paolo, Enrico, we are our family, we are our land: the Sardinia ".

Bresca Dorada it returns the sincere reflection of those who founded and managed it for thirty years. The company was born in 1986 and since then has always grown in full respect of the territory, of the gastronomic tradition, of the island's ethics, in an attempt to bring an authentic, tasty, genuine Sardinian spirit to the tables, with a smile in the mouth.

In 1990 the idea was born of bottling the myrtle liqueur, the most appreciated among Sardinian liqueurs, but the beginning of the story "Bresca Dorada”Is different, it has the scent of flowers and the taste of honey. Paolo Melis and Enrico Diana have beekeeper families behind them and the company's fortune is based on honey.

The 7 fragrant hectares of Mediterranean scrub that will later become a virtuous and beloved company, immediately seem an oasis, a fragrant paradise of surprising essences: the bees like it, Paolo and Enrico like it.
The land is bought, inhabited, loved. For years, excellent honey is produced there. Only time later does the honey mix with the myrtle and the resulting product is exceptional, one of a kind, balsamic, fragrant, creamy, in short, it is the signed Red Mirto di Sardegna. Bresca Dorada.

Since then the company has never tired of experimenting and investing in itself. The range of liqueurs produced is surprising: Mirto Rosso, Mirto Verde, Mirto Amaro, Arangiu, Limoncino, Figu Morisca, Matafalùa, Fil'e Ferru, but also honey, jams, jams and fruit compotes, flavored salts, cream of figs 'India, Cotognette, orange juice and myrtle berries.
All with a careful respect for organic production and with great regard for the territory that hosts the company.

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