Birrificio Zemyna

Birrificio Zemyna

Zemyna, in Lithuanian mythology, is the personification of Mother Earth, protector of cultivated fields and the fertility of the harvest, animals and men.

Zemyna (from "zeme", "earth") was considered daughter of the Sun, Saulè, and of the Moon, Menules. The cult of Zemyna was expressed through very rigid rituals: the offer of beer had to be respected very precisely because a slight mistake, according to the myth, would have caused terrible consequences.

In some regions of Lithuania, beer was an integral part of the amorous courtship ritual.
When a young man wanted to marry a girl, he had to pass a kind of test that included three visits.
During the second visit, the girl's father and the suitor, with a mug of beer in hand, prayed and drank some beer from Zemyna.

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