Birrificio Isola

Birrificio Isola

Isola was founded in December 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs and friends linked by the love for good craft beer.
A challenge won, rapid growth and still many dreams to realize.
Starting from a production capacity of 1000hl, in just over a year the brewery has come to produce 800hl and in 2019 900hl, making it one of the first companies in Sardinia.
The context in which Isola is born is that of an ancient palace in the center of Thiesi, a town in the province of Sassari, in the historical region of Mejlogu.
Completely renovated, the building, which once housed the maturing process of the cheeses, a precious product of this territory, in the stone cellars, now houses the brewing site and is arranged on various floors, including a large underground cellar.
Here the large rooms have been created, with vaults in stone, dedicated to moments of tasting and private parties.

Thiesi is the place where everything is born and represents a treasure rich in history.
Next to the brewery is the sixteenth-century church of Sant'Antonio but in the area there are the church of Santa Vittoria, from the sixteenth century, military buildings, such as the ancient Torre Prigione, the necropolis of Mandra Antine.
Throughout its history the town of Thiesi has been at the center of a great struggle between eminent families of the island, from the Doria to the Malaspina, until the passage to the fief of the Manca family, and then became the center of the Sardinian revolutionary uprisings against the domination of the Savoy, the so-called Angevin uprisings, at the end of the XNUMXth century.
Mejlogu, the middle ground, is the ideal place from which to start a Sardinian artisan brand.
Border area but with solid foundations of tradition.
To go far while keeping its extraordinary peculiarities intact.

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