Ayo Alimenti

Ayo Alimenti

CP&G srl was born in 2003 from an idea by Massimo Contene who, after many years of work as quality manager of a large national chain, decided to leave everything and return to Sardinia to make a dream come true: to build a fresh gastronomy company.

Lorella has always been an entrepreneur, very young she became President of a breeding consortium that brings together over twenty companies in the sector.
After 10 years of work, she decides it's time to become a mother.
Silvia (2000) and Chiara (2002) were born, without Lorella ever taking a day off, maternity leave or sickness.
In 2002, due to a serious crisis in the sector, the Consortium closed and Lorella was left without a job.
She is well known and appreciated in the sector, but despite this, when she comes to interviews, the doors are closed in her face because she is overqualified, she has two little girls, because she is no longer so young (36 years old).

At the end of 2003 thanks to a common knowledge Massimo and Lorella meet. Massimo asks Lorella to help him first as a consultant then as an employee and finally as a partner in the management of the company.

In the meantime, in order to overcome the crisis affecting many sectors in those years, the company changed its production direction and began to specialize in the production of traditional preserves in oil.
These were difficult years, Lorella and Massimo made important choices, and they decided by mutual agreement that if the Company was to have a future, this cannot ignore the values ​​of social solidarity and respect for the environment.

The company has always favored hiring women, but from now on what will start to count the most will be the context from which the women come: difficult family situations, failed marriages, dependent children, husbands who do not pay alimony.
The aim becomes that of giving the opportunity of a well-paid stable job to those who would never have had it in life, to grow and improve together.

The choices on products went hand in hand, focusing on quality raw materials, favoring fresh processing by building supply chain agreements with small local producers, where the presence of women was fundamental there too.

To respect the environment, new products have been created where creative flair has been accompanied by the need to minimize waste of raw materials.

Ayò is not just our brand, which unlike what many think is not a greeting, but an invitation to move forward.

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