L'Armentizia Moderna

L'Armentizia Moderna

The aim was to bring together the shepherds in order to safeguard the quality and economic value of local products from the speculation of large groups and private monopolies.

The project conceived by the promoting members was certainly ambitious compared to the economic reality of the area, where the income was mostly produced by the mining sector. The perseverance and commitment made by both the partners and the directors have allowed the full realization of what seemed only a distant goal, building a competitive and dynamic company, which today can be their pride.

The L'Armentizia Moderna dairy in Guspini produces various types of cheeses and dairy products. The business, committed to offering you only the best of the Sardinian territory, stands out throughout the Province of Southern Sardinia for a production of great excellence, respecting the ancient traditional processes and the highest quality. From ricotta to fresh cheeses, among the products made by the dairy there are numerous goat's and sheep's cheeses, Roman pecorino, Sardinian pecorino, semi-matured and aged cheeses, spreadable, peppery and spicy cheeses, cheeses with aromas of beer, truffle, myrtle, pears and much more.

It is also notable for the production of goat's ricotta. Thanks to the use of the delicious goat's milk and the attention paid to every stage of the working process, L'Armentizia Moderna will be able to guarantee you an always fresh and tasty product.
Modern Armentizia is a true reference of quality and authenticity.

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