Argiolas Formaggi

Argiolas Formaggi

The F.lli Argiolas company was born in Dolianova in 1954, in the green hills of Campidano, in the province of Cagliari, thanks to the initiative of two young brothers: Ennio and Eligio Argiolas.

In the early years, not having a production plant at their disposal, the two brothers bought the Fiore Sardo from the shepherds, to pick it up still fresh and season it in their own cellars. The seasoned product was then sold to wholesalers all over Italy.
A few years later, the two brothers decided to invest the proceeds of their business to produce the cheese themselves, thus renting a small dairy.

Thanks to the new factory, Ennio and Eligio began to experiment with new types of cheese and constantly improve their quality.

In 1966 a cheese maturing warehouse was built to satisfy the growing orders.

1970 proved to be a crucial year for the Argiolas brothers, as the decision was made to build their own dairy: for this purpose, what was then the industrial area of ​​Dolianova was selected, right at the foot of the hills where the shepherds used to bring their grazing animals. This is the original core of the factory where we still find theArgiolas Formaggi.

A first expansion took place in the eighties, while the construction of the new maturing warehouses which began in 1999 was completed in 2001.

The new warehouses, which can accommodate about 200.000 forms, are managed and controlled by a technologically advanced central computer system, which regulates elements such as temperature and humidity, which guarantee the highest product quality throughout the maturation process. and seasoning.

The new structure also includes technologically advanced production areas that have a production capacity of around 3500 forms per day, which can be realized in a single work shift.

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