About Us

Siendas was created to "promote" and spread the food and wine culture of Sardinia abroad with a particular focus on the Horeca channel.

It was born from the experience of its founders in the catering sector abroad and from their close knowledge of the Sardinian territory and its companies.

Its mission is bringing together supply and demand of Sardinian food and wine products at an international level, positioning itself as a commercial partner for restaurateurs, chains and wholesalers.

Il distinctive character of the proposal is based on a model that provides:
• Supply chain totally digitalized in its business processes
• Broad and deep food and wine offering with SMEs selected for the quality characteristics of the products
• Development of retail sales points (restaurant and pizzeria) under the Siendas brand for sale to the end customer
• E-Commerce Service Provider with integrated full-service logistics aimed at operators in the Horeca channel and agri-food companies.

The marketplace includes sales in the B2B (Ho.Re.Ca) and B2C (private domestic customers) channels
The B2B channel (born in 2019) includes over 100 producers, around 1.500 references and 23 categories;
The B2C channel (born in 2020) includes 400 references, and the creation of e-commerce created with the proprietary white-label system for the re-branding of producer sites (e.g. Acqua San Martino)
The marketplace is flanked by a centralized common warehouse which allows the fluid management of all orders coming from e-commerce, guaranteeing groupage and logistics.

Marco Arca
CEO & Founder
Operational Manager with International Experience
Distributor in the Gastronomic Industry

Andrea Fumagalli
Co-Founder, Admin and Webdeveloper

Philip Fumagalli
Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Simone Puxeddu
Logistics Manager

Thomas Blanchard
Director of Siendas France and Siendas Belgium
Passionate about gastronomy and wine
Lovers of Sardinia

Bobore knocks


Sardinian from Nuoro.
Always engaged in the agricultural and agri-food sector. Decades of experience in the field of consulting and sales of products and services to businesses.
Since 2015 he has resided in Malmö in Sweden where the Experience Sardinia project has its operational headquarters, which aims to raise awareness of Sardinia, throughout Scandinavia, both as a tourist destination and as a place for the production of unique and quality agri-food products.
Siendas key partner in the creation and development of the Scandinavian market.