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A single market to enclose the food and wine offer of Sardinia. From North to South, from East to West, the quality of Sardinian producers just a click away.














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Why Siendas?

An immense wine panorama, from north to south, from east to west.
Small gastronomic niches, handed down from generation to generation, keeping quality as the first goal.
Siendas has always wanted to achieve a higher goal: to develop the short supply chain to make the flavor of its territories known, re-establishing a link between consumers and producers. We want to give the right value to quality, in full respect of those who produce!

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Thanks to our commercial intermediation formula, Sardinian products arrive everywhere at the right price. We guarantee an ethical purchase able to satisfy the market in full respect of those who produce.

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Siendas works to protect the food and wine excellences of Sardinia, building relationships between quality producers and the Italian and foreign market. Become part of Siendas and sell your products abroad!

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Ethical purchase

Our products come from local producers and their purchase allows us to preserve the cultural and food and wine heritage of our land.


The quality of our products is guaranteed by our considerable expertise and our talented manufacturers.

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To ensure excellent payment security, we only use verified and secure platforms.

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No, we include shipping costs and they are calculated in the cart.

Our telephone lines are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00.

We offer several shipping methods. We usually ship on pallets, via refrigerated transport, and we also offer a cheaper and faster solution for small quantities of dry goods.

We have distribution agreements with our manufacturers who would inform us of your order.

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Siendas Wine & Boutique

Siendas now plants its flag in Brussels, come and meet us!

Do you want to share a new entrepreneurial path with us? Our experience in the agri-food world dates back to 1986 with the opening of the first family food shop. Our life has always been based on the search for the best food and wine products of Sardinia.

Today we guarantee the supply of over 1300 different products throughout Europe, and collaborations of top-level chefs able to adapt the path to all of us.


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